How to arrive from the airport to the hotel?

Option No. 1:

You may ask for taxi via your mobile phone when you will be at the airport. Here you will have a free Wi-Fi. You should go to the website and then write down:
From: Vilnius airport
To: Slucko g. 8, Vilnius [Hotel Ecotel]
Phone number: [with your country’s code]

You will receive a message on your phone or the website will show how much it will cost and how soon your taxi will arrive.NB. If you decide to take a taxi located in front of the airport, you’d probably pay  5-7 times more.

Option No. 2

You can use the public transport. To plan your trip, please, go to the website and then write down:
Start stop: Oro uostas
Destination stop: Lvovo st.
When your trip plan is ready, you can also navigate here the transport map to figure out the location of the hotel.
You should purchase a ticket to the driver every time you change the transport. The full price is 1 Eur. The special price is applicable for doctoral students with International Student Identity Card (ISIC) – 0.5 Eur.